Welcome to the official bio-page of Tamim Iqbal, the esteemed brand ambassador for Baji Live 888.

About Tamim Iqbal: Tamim Iqbal Khan, widely hailed as one of Bangladesh’s cricket legends, has now embarked on an exciting journey as the brand ambassador for Baji Live 888. With a stellar cricket career spanning over years, Tamim Iqbal has earned a reputation as a top-order batsman, capturing the hearts of cricket enthusiasts worldwide with his impeccable talent and sportsmanship.

Joining Baji Live 888: Following his retirement from professional cricket, Tamim Iqbal has chosen to partner with Baji Live 888, a leading name in the online gaming industry. His decision to join forces with Baji Live 888 reflects his commitment to endorsing reputable and entertaining platforms that resonate with his values and principles.

Role as Brand Ambassador: In his role as brand ambassador, Tamim Iqbal brings his passion for excellence and dedication to Baji Live 888. With his illustrious career and unwavering integrity, he aims to enhance the gaming experience for users and promote responsible gaming practices. Tamim’s presence adds a touch of prestige and authenticity to the Baji Live 888 platform, inspiring players to embark on an unforgettable gaming journey.

Connect with Tamim Iqbal: Stay updated on Tamim Iqbal’s latest endeavors and insights by following him on social media platforms. Engage with Tamim and the Baji Live 888 community to discover exclusive content, promotions, and gaming tips.

Join us in celebrating Tamim Iqbal’s new chapter as the brand ambassador for Baji Live 888, where excitement knows no bounds!